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STOP HIDING! 10 Proven Strategies for Facing Debt Collectors Head On!

Are Debt Collectors Calling You?
On Your Job?
On Your Cell?

Are You Receiving Threatening Collection Letters in the Mail?
Threats to Sue You? Garnish Your Wages?

STOP HIDING! Dodging Telephone calls and tossing unopened letters in the mail is NOT the answer!

If you are tired of being harassed, insulted, and threatened by debt collectors; THIS EBOOK IS FOR YOU!

You’ll receive my 10 proven strategies that I have personally used as a Certified Credit Counselor to save my clients thousands of dollars and to FIGHT BACK and WIN against debt collectors!

Kindle: $3.99 | Paperback: $8.99


The average credit score increase from my DIY kit is 63 points in 78 days!  That’s pretty epic :).

My DIY Credit Repair Kit will provide you with the education & tools you need to soar your credit scores in no time!!!

Kit includes:

DIY Credit Repair Guide – 62 pages full of valuable information and strategies to make your credit improvement journey as simple as possible.

My Advanced Dispute Letter Package

Credit Dispute Tracking Form

E-Z Checklist – To ensure you’ve covered it all prior to mailing your disputes off!


20 Dispute Letters that I’ve been teaching from for over 8 years; now available to you!

Letters Included:

Verification Letters (to credit bureaus), Method of Investigation Letter, Validation Letters (to collection agencies), Inquiry Removal Letter, Late Payment Removal Letter, Medical Collection Letter, and MORE!

‘How to’ guide included…

Free Download


“How Should I Write My Dispute Letter?”

“What Should I Say?”

“Who Should I Send It To?”

My Advanced Dispute Letter Packages will answer that and more!

I designed this package to save you time and to make it easier for you to have a template available for almost any situation you’ll encounter when dealing with the Credit Bureaus, Original Creditors and/or Collection Agencies!

You’ll receive a total of 100 PREMIUM Dispute Letters!


Is it time to change your Money Mindset?

Transform your negative and limiting beliefs with my Money Affirmations Poster!

I will provide you with 8 sets of powerful affirmations to claim your right to prosperity, wealth, and abundance!  You are worthy of achieving the life you’ve envisioned for yourself.

Size:  11X17


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