Client Pre-Enrollment Agreement


I’m super excited to be partnering with you in Soaring Your Credit Scores!  You have definitely made the right choice!


Here’s what I need from you to do to get started:


A.  Grab your credit reports from My IQ Reports (Please do not provide us with a report from another credit monitoring service).
B.  Complete the Form Below.
NOTE:  After completing this form, a member of my team will set up your Client Portal, provide you with your login information, and set up a call if any additional information is needed. 
Your full Client Enrollment Agreement will be inside of your Client Portal, where you can read over it and sign it digitally.  
C. Send My Team Your My IQ Reports Login Information & Complete the Credit Card Authorization Form (Instructions inside of your Client Portal)
  • You will need to maintain this particular credit monitoring service throughout the duration of your program.
  • Upon receiving the signed Client Agreement and Credit Monitoring Reports login My IQ Reports, we’ll create your Client Credit Profile.  We’ll use this to create your Credit Audit.

    After the investment for your Credit Audit has been processed, it will be made available to you via your Client Portal.  A link will be provided for you to schedule a call in the event you have questions, or would like to alter your Dispute Plan of Action.

D.  Your first round of dispute letters will be mailed, and a copy of everything we’re doing on your behalf will be viewable in your Client Portal.  (It typically takes 37-42 days to receive your results back from the credit bureaus, collection agencies, creditors, etc.)
E.  You’ll receive instructions on how to enroll in Good Credit University, where your Financial Education will begin!


***NOTE:  If for any reason we see that you do not qualify for our services, we will reach out via email for further instructions on how to assist you in Soaring Your Credit Scores.  ‘Not Qualifying’ could mean you do not have enough items to warrant hiring someone, you may need to focus on rebuilding versus disputing and repairing, you may need to focus on a debt elimination plan versus a credit repair plan.  Either way, we’re here to assist!


~ Netiva “The Frugal CrediTnista”

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