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Hello DCs!!

So excited to have your here!  When I co-wrote the Live Richer Credit Challenge with Tiffany ‘The Budgetnista’, it was all types of awesome-sauce. Educating and empowering others to Soar their Credit Scores is a true passion of mines and to be able to live that passion out loud with all of you is ah-mazing!

But you’re not here to hear about me, you’re here to learn how I can help you turn those FICO Scores around, so let’s get to it!

  • You’ve gotten to the point where you are sick and tired of worrying about your credit scores,
  • The information you’re receiving is a bit overwhelming, which makes it difficult to personalize the strategies to your unique credit situation
  • Or, you simply don’t have time! You’ve implemented a few things, but found the process to be too time consuming based on your current schedule.

I Understand.

I have personally had almost every bad credit rating you can think of – Bankruptcy, Judgments, Tax Liens, Charge-Offs, Collections – you get the point!

Right now, I’m sitting smack dab in the mid to upper 700s. Not bad, huh?

I shared this to show that 1. It’s Possible! 2. It takes time. 3. It still isn’t as high as I’d like it to be; however, it’s high enough to command the best rates and terms no matter what type of funding I desire.

I want the same for you.

Making the decision to improve your credit scores is one of the best financial moves you can make to build a solid and promising future for yourself.

It’s an important part of the wealth building process, the retirement planning process and your overall financial success!


Here is a summary of three services that I want to offer you, at the Dream Catcher price of course, (you know Tiffany had to get the hook up for you guys 🙂 ) to assist you in Soaring Your Credit Scores:

Have a credit question?

Need a little direction on how to handle a specific credit situation?  This consultation is for you!  We’ll discuss your credit situation, review your credit item(s) on your credit reports, and answer your questions to get you on the right track!

Need a Step-by-Step Plan of Action to Soar Your Credit Scores?

This is the service for you!  You’ll provide us with your credit reports 48 hours prior to your scheduled consultation.  We’ll spend up to 2 hours analyzing your credit reports, line by line, to create your customized plan to repair and rebuild your credit scores!  We’ll review that Plan of Action with you during your consultation to ensure you completely understand your next steps, and to answer any of your questions.


You’ll leave your consultation with a written Plan of Action, dispute letter templates, clarity and peace of mind, knowing your current FICO scores will soon be a thing of the past!


Need A Complete Credit Transformation?

We specialize in Credit Transformations!


Allow my Team to Go to Work for You!


A complete Credit Transformation tackles credit from the inside out.  You see, our Credit Reports are simply a reflection of our current and past financial behaviors.  So if we want to achieve a complete credit transformation, we have to get to the root of the problem – our money!


We’ll start by scheduling an Initial Consultation to discuss your credit goals, review your reports, pinpoint financial concerns and to go over any questions you may have regarding your credit, current debts and our program.


The Initial Consultation is $35, and will be deducted from your investment if we decide we’re a good fit for each other.


Your Coaching will start with our “My Money Mastery” Workbook.  Here, you’ll log all of your income and expenses over the past 3 months for us to review.  Ideally, your 1-on-1 Budgeting Consultation will be scheduled within 5 days from the date you received your workbook.


After we’ve developed a workable budget, we’ll schedule your Credit Counseling Session.  Here, we’ll analyze your credit reports, line-by-line, to determine the best strategy to help you meet your credit goals.   We’ll also offer solutions on how you can build your credit to meet popular credit-lending underwriting guidelines; and to meet the goals that you outlined during your Initial Consultation.


As  a bonus, you’ll receive access to our Credit on Fire ~ Credit Building Academy for 30 days, to provide further education and support in your Credit-Transformational Journey; along with a 30 Minute Follow Up Consultation (good for 60 days).




Already know you’re ready to get going but need an installment plan for the Initial Investment? Just let us know during your consultations!

NOTE:  We have several Credit/Financial Coaching Programs, the investment for any of our Coaching Programs start at $399.

Subsequent Credit Coaching Sessions are available at just $75/mth!

Here are the two Credit Repair Services we offer:


Grab Your *Free* Credit Repair Toolkit Here & Schedule Your Consultation Now!


We Are Happy to Have You On Board!

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