That’s my specialty! I’ve been helping people soar their credit scores for as long as I’ve been in the real estate industry (≥ 13 years!).
When you work with my team of certified credit experts, rest assured you’re in the hands of professionals who genuinely care about your success. Collectively, we have over 15 years of experience, and have personally raised our own credit scores 150+ points!
We are committed to helping you achieve the same level of success!
We Are a Credit Coaching & Financial Education Services Firm.  Through our 1-on-1 Consultations, DIY Courses, Personalized Financial Coaching Programs, and Online School, we’ve been able to Educate, Equip, & Empower over 200,000 women and couples – just like YOU – with the Knowledge, Tools, Resources, and Strategies to TRANSFORM Their Credit Scores!

Are You Ready for Your Transformation?



No two credit reports are alike. Your goals, circumstances and finances are unique to you.  This is why it’s so important to hire a credit professional to create a Personalized Plan of Action that fits your unique credit profile, so that you can achieve the best results possible!

The Initial Credit Consultation is $35.

If you hire us to Soar Your Credit Scores, the Initial Credit Consultation investment will be deducted from your Credit Counseling Session/Credit Coaching Program.

Summary of Credit Services Offered:

Want me To Teach You How to Soar Your OWN Credit Scores?

My Credit on Fire Academy is… well, FIYAH!  I will provide you everything you need to Repair, Restore, Rebuild, & Light Your Credit Scores on FIYAH – Dispute Letters, Downloadable Step-by-Step Instructions Guides, Instructional Videos, and MORE!


Each month we’ll break down a Credit Repair/Building Topic where I’ll teach you, from start to finish, how to Fire it From Your Credit Reports: Collections, Medical Bills, Repossessions, Inquiries, & MORE!


Every Quarter, we’ll cover a Wealth Building Topic that focuses on Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Investing, or a Topic selected by YOU, our Wealth Creator. You’ll have direct access to me and my team, via Live Lessons, Q & A Sessions and Hot Seats.


You’ll have access to all the replays, dispute letter templates, downloadable actions guides, instructional videos, and more!


I created Credit on Fire Academy, because I firmly believe that Applied Education is POWERFUL!  I am committed to creating an Army of FICO Building, Debt Slaying, Wealth-Creating Prosperity Partners who are committed to changing the faces of ownership in our communities and defying the statistics of Black Wealth in America.


Are You With Me????

YES, I'm With You! - $25

Have a question?

Need a little direction on how to handle a specific credit situation?  This consultation is for you!  We’ll discuss your credit situation, review your credit item(s) on your credit reports, and answer your questions to get you on the right track!


This consultation is best if you need a quick and reliable answer to your credit question,are you’re unsure how to handle a financial dilemma, or want a quick review of your credit reports to see which program/service would be best for you.

Schedule A Credit Chat - $35

Need a step by step plan of action to Soar Your Credit Scores?

This is the consultation for you!  You’ll provide us with your credit reports 48 hours prior to your scheduled consultation.  We’ll spend up to 2 hours analyzing your credit reports, line by line, to create your customized plan to repair and rebuild your credit scores!  We’ll review that Plan of Action with you during your 30 minute telephone consultation to ensure you completely understand your next steps, and to answer any of your questions.


You’ll leave your consultation with a written Plan of Action, dispute letter templates, clarity and peace of mind, knowing your current FICO scores will soon be a thing of the past!



Schedule Credit Consultation - $199

90-Day Credit Slay Program

Have you started repairing your credit, and then got confused, or stuck on what to do next?  KISS ALL OF THAT GOODBYE!  This credit-coaching program takes the guesswork out of your credit repair journey!


We will spend up to 2 hours analyzing all 3 of your credit reports, line by line, to create a customized 90-Day Plan of Action to Repair, Restore, Rebuild & Soar Your Credit Scores!  We’ll review that Plan of Action with you during your 30-minute telephone consultation to ensure you completely understand your next steps, and to answer any of your questions.


Your 90-Day Action Plan will include the specific items that need to be disputed (and why) to achieve your credit score goals, the dispute letters to challenge them; the accounts that may need to be settled, balances reduced, or negotiated for Pay-to-Delete; and specific accounts to add to your credit profile – with instructions on how to use them – to begin rebuilding your credit scores with the right products.


You’ll receive 45-Days of Email Support & One Follow-Up Consultation within 60 days of your initial consultation to ensure you remain focused and on the right track to 700+ Credit Scores.


You’ll leave your consultation with your Full 90-Day, Step-by-Step Action Plan, Personalized Dispute Letters that you can mail off right away, and Dispute Letter Templates tailored to your Unique Credit Circumstances.  Your Credit Transformation is Just A Click Away!


As a Bonus, you’ll receive 30 Days FREE inside of my Credit on Fire Academy Members Club to provide further support and guidance in soaring your credit scores!

Slay My Credit! - $399

Need A Complete Credit Transformation?

We specialize in Credit Transformations!


My Budgeting & Credit Coaching Program tackles credit from the inside out.  You see, our Credit Reports are simply a reflection of our current and past financial behaviors. So, if we want to achieve a complete credit transformation, we’ll have to go to the root of the problem – your money!


Your Coaching will start with our My Money MasteryWorkbook. Here, you’ll log all of your income and expenses over the past 3 months for us to review.  We’ll spend an hour or more together, creating your a Workable Budget tailored specifically to you and your short-and long-term goals.  Ideally, your 1-on-1 Budgeting Coaching Call will be scheduled within 3 days from the date you received your workbook.


After we’ve developed a workable budget, we’ll schedule your Credit Coaching Session. Here, we’ll analyze your credit reports, line-by-line, to determine the best strategy to help you meet your credit goals. We’ll also offer solutions on how you can build your credit to meet popular credit-lending underwriting guidelines; and to meet the goals that you outlined during your Initial Consultation.  You’ll receive personalized dispute letters that can be mailed off right away, step-by-step action plan on how to rebuild your credit scores and move toward the 700 Club and beyond!


As a bonus, you’ll receive access to my Credit on Fire ~ Credit Building Academy for 30 days, to provide further education and support in your Credit-Transformational Journey; along with two Follow Up Coaching Calls (1 for Credit & 1 for Budgeting; good for 90 days).

*Can be split into 3 monthly installments*

Transform My Credit Scores - $697

6-Month 1-on-1 Credit Coaching Program

Looking to work with someone hand in hand?  Someone that will work exclusively with you, mail off your letters, include you in the process, personally help you restore your credit scores, rebuild your credit with the right products, and personally help you achieve your goals?  THIS IS IT!


This program will provide you with 6 months of continuous coaching, mentorship, and support in your Credit Transformation Journey.


For 6 months, you’ll have your own Personal Credit Coach, working with you hand-in-hand, to Repair, Restore, Rebuild & Transform Your Credit Scores!


We’ll start by scheduling an Initial Consultation to discuss your credit goals, review your reports, pinpoint financial areas of concerns and to go over any questions you may have regarding your credit, current debts and our program.


The Initial Consultation is $35, and will be deducted from your total investment of $1597, if we decide we’re a good fit for each other.


Next, we’ll perform a Full Audit of your credit reports, where we’ll spend up to 2 hours, analyzing your credit reports line-by-line to develop the best solutions for you to begin Soaring Your Credit Scores right away!  We’ll discuss this Action Plan with you during your 30-Minute Credit Consultation.


Dispute Letters will be created for you, and upon your approval, will be mailed off on your behalf; you’ll receive a 90-Day Action Plan filled with financial To-Dos that you will begin working on ASAP.


Each month, or upon receipt of your credit bureau responses, a Follow Up Consultation will be scheduled, to review documents received from the credit bureaus, advise you of your next Credit Building/Debt Payoff steps, create additional dispute letters (if necessary), and to ensure your initial 90-Day Action Plan is up-to-date and intact (Total of 5 Follow Up Personal Credit Coaching Calls).


After your initial 90 days have passed, we’ll create another Action Plan for you to continue your Credit Soaring Journey.


Our 6-month Personal Credit Coaching Program was designed to give you all the tools, mentoring, advice and support you need to Soar Your Credit Scores in record time! You’ll be armed with the most accurate, and up-to-date credit education available, backed by Federal Consumer Right Laws.


Email support included between Monthly Coaching Calls.


All Follow Up Consultations must be scheduled within 7 months of you receiving your first 90-Day Action Plan.


As a bonus, you’ll receive 6 Months Paid Membership inside of my Credit on Fire Academy.

*Installment Plans Available – $399 for Credit Audit; $245/mth*


  • "My niece registered at a state university never started.  The debt eventually fell off of her report.  In 2014, the state garnished her tax returns and the debt is back on her credit reports. She was going to negotiate a payment plan but I asked her to hold off while I sought sage advice.  Thanks Netiva Heard for helping us resolve this matter!"


    Anne D.
  • "Thanks for giving me my 'fresh start'!  I just got my first unsecured card thanks to you, and most importantly, I know how to use it responsibly!"

    Robin P.
  • "I've NEVER had a credit score in the 600s before!  I've purchased a home, cars, and anything I wanted all with credit scores between 560 and 589..  Four months with you and I'm at a 686, 699 and 703!  My credit offers have interest rates I've never imagined and I can go into any credit establishment confident that I'll get the best rates and terms.  Most importantly, I know how to better manage my money and my credit now!"  


    Maurice H.
  • "Your services were FANTASTIC!  I was with you for almost a year and when I wasn't fully engaged in the program and you offered to refund me ALL my money back I knew I had to get with the program!  After just 3 months in your budget management and credit restoration program I knew I made the right choice.  Three new tradelines, 8 collection items removed, 1 tax lien, and payment arrangements for my current credit accounts that were about to be charged off and I have gone from a 476 to a 644 on Transunion's monitoring service!  I will tell the world about you, thanks so much!!!" 

    Rai  R. 
  • "I called you in October of 2012 fully expecting to utilize your free consultation to my advantage and to do the work myself.  I tried for four months before realizing I needed to learn discipline in my spending habits in order to make a dent in these credit card bills.  When I started with you in March of '13 I thought you were crazy when you started 'trimming the fat' from my expenses and telling me that I could pay off all of my debts in 3 months that I've been trying to do on my own for 5 years!  Hear I am in June of '13 and I am completely free from my credit card debts, I have money in the bank and my scores have shot up over 65 points because of you.  As you told me during our first conversation; when you mind your money, your credit score will grow!" 


    Melinda F.
  • "Okay, Netiva!  I'm a believer; Credit Management sent a letter saying they will discontinue collection efforts and a deletion request will be submitted. Thanks for all of your assistance." 

    Greg D.
  • "Hello, Netiva.  Just an FYI, I called Capital One and was able to get my card switched over to QuickSilver AND get an increase of $2500.  I want to thank you for all of your help and I know you will not say I told you so but this is a good time for you to throw that in!  It's amazing how a person's perspective on things can change in such a short time." 


    Tom D.
  • "Netiva, thanks for the reminder to put PRIDE/Ego aside and seek additional assistance to help me meet my monthy expenses." 

    Sonia G.
  • "Thank you so much for the info you shared during our consultation, it was Awesome!!!  I sincerely appreciate it and your judgement-free attitude."  

    Sabrina S.
  • "Netiva!  I was approved for a secured card with Capital One!  I saw the letter in the mail and I was so excited. Most people probably wouldn't be this excited for a secured card but I have come a long way, a few months ago they wouldn't even approve me!  Thanks so much for your support!"


Video Testimonial:

Video Testimonial:

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NOTE:  We are a Financial Education Services Firm.  We provide Credit Consultations, Courses and Financial Coaching Services to empower YOU to take your Credit & overall Finances to the Next Level!  If you are seeking traditional credit repair services, we would be more than happy to refer you to one of our Power Partners during your consultation.  Thanks!

~ Netiva

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