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Netiva “The Frugal CrediTnista” Heard is a Wife, Mother, Financial Empowerment Speaker, Author, Coach, Educator, Credit Expert, Realtor, and ‘Real Life’ Budgeting Enthusiast!

As the founder of MNH Financial Services, LLC, it is her personal mission to Educate, Equip and Empower women and couples with the solutions they need to confidently & permanently Transform their  finances.

Having personally overcome being over a half-million dollars in debt & experiencing the shame of foreclosures, repossession, bankruptcy, tax liens, judgments and practically every other poor credit rating there is; she can easily relate to those suffering from the stress and embarrassment that debt and poor credit can bring.

With an MBA in Finance, and certifications in the credit industry; Netiva has utilized her education, work history, and personal experiences to incite others to transition their finances from being financially limited to financially limit-less.

Personal Message:

“Thank you for vising my site!!!  I truly appreciate it :).  Hopefully, you’ll find great content to get you on your way to Mastering Your Money, Destroying Your Debts & Soaring Your Credit Scores!

I am a strong believer of empowerment through education.  In my blogs, events, workshops, 1-on-1 or group coaching programs, I am all about EEET – Educating, Equipping, Empowering & Transforming.

I’ve used this exact same strategy on my own finances, and in three it allowed my husband and I to soar our credit scores well over 150 points, purchase our home and 2 cars – free and clear, – implement a strategic investment plan, and to lay the foundation to building a secure financial future for our family – that feeling is priceless!  And I want all of you to feel the same way.  It is a journey; and we are no where near done (these darn student loans!!!).  However, believe me when I tell you; the rewards of this journey is oh so sweet!

I can’t wait to share and hear all of your success stories (please comment and share in our Facebook Community) as we embark on this debt-free journey together!

Your Partner in Prosperity;

~ Netiva “The Frugal CrediTnista”

  • "Okay, Netiva! I'm a believer; Credit Management sent a letter saying they will discontinue collection efforts and a deletion request will be submitted. Thanks for all of your assistance."

    GREG D.
  • "Hello, Netiva. Just an FYI, I called Capital One and was able to get my card switched over to QuickSilver AND get an increase of $2500. I want to thank you for all of your help. It's amazing how a person's perspective on things can change in such a short time."

    TOM D.
  • "I've NEVER had a credit score in the 600s before! I've purchased a home, cars, and anything I wanted all with credit scores between 560 and 589. Four months with you and I'm at a 686, 699 and 703! My credit offers have interest rates I've never imagined and I can go into any credit establishment confident that I'll get the best rates and terms. Most importantly, I know how to better manage my money and my credit now!"

  • "My niece registered at a state university never started. The debt eventually fell off of her report. In 2014, the state garnished her tax returns and the debt is back on her credit reports. She was going to negotiate a payment plan but I asked her to hold off while I sought sage advice. Thanks Netiva Heard for helping us resolve this matter!"

    ANNE D.
  • "Netiva! I was approved for a secured card with Capital One! I saw the letter in the mail and I was so excited. Most people probably wouldn't be this excited for a secured card but I have come a long way, a few months ago they wouldn't even approve me! Thanks so much for your support!"

  • "The information provided in this course is easy to understand and has helped me tremendously with getting inaccurate information off my credit reports. Netiva Heard is a beast when it comes to credit education and repair!!"

  • I got my FICO yesterday, trans is 570, ex is 580, eq is 583. That's over 100 points in one month thanks to your help! All my four judgments are gone from three bureaus, all because of your letters!

  • My credit is no longer dismal! Back in January, when I started working on my credit it was DISMAL! I've gotten tired of calling creditors, writing letters to creditors, doing rain dances and praying creditors would just go away! But looking at these numbers I am encouraged to keep going!! TransUnion has deleted a total of 16 collection accounts from my credit report for a total of $10, 391. Equifax has deleted a total of 21 collection accounts from my credit report, for a total of $12, 910. I've also had a judgment deleted from my public records file.

  • I officially have no collections account! Just checked my credit report and I officially have no collections account, no liens and no judgments! Glory to the lamb of God!

  • I open mail with excitement! I open mail with excitement of having the knowledge and power to handle whatever is inside ; bills, collections, judgments, etc. This is a testament to your wise counsel and outpouring of your knowledge.

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